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Why we suggest everyone join as a Beachbody Coach when they want Shakeology

why we suggest EVERYONE join as a coach
why we suggest EVERYONE join as a coach

SEE?  This is why we suggest everyone find a way to join as a Team Beachbody Coach.  Its the math.

Why WOULDNT we want to see you save money on getting yourself the best product?  We care about our friends, family and our clients and want to see them maximize their results.

By joining as a Coach you get all the savings and a 25% savings off any other product you choose to purchase…and a way to earn back some of that investment each month by letting your coworkers and friends know what is working for you.

At first I was all shy about this “marketing” thing but you know… I am not shy in telling my friends what auto shop I took my car to, or where I got this pair of shoes…what restaurant to visit in Disney or the MUST SEE show in Vegas.  Why would I all of a sudden get shy when it came to a product that was bringing energy and health back into my middle aged body?  Why would I resist telling people the secret to my long days and how my life has changed with this product?

No fears anymore… Shakeology has literally changed my life in the past 3 years.

Don’t believe me?  … try it.  30 Day Money Back guarantee..even if you send them back an empty bag with a  request for a refund…

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