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Why should I drink Shakeology?

As I am studying for my Nutrition Certification I am learning and seeing so many things going poorly for so many people. Even people who care about what they eat and are trying to give their bodies a healthy advantage. I get asked all the time why I drink Shakeology and why its a big deal. And why I recommend to EVERYONE that they at least TRY it and see how it makes them feel over the course of a month or two.

In a nutshell, we are malnourished and its not getting better.
As a society, we are not feeding our bodies what they need. We have grocery stores and restaurants on every corner and have pantries and freezers full of foods but studies are showing that we are NOT getting what our bodies NEED from our diets.  We are shopping for quantity and not paying attention to quality.

Even those of us who are paying attention and trying to eat healthy aren’t getting what we NEED!! Lets face it, we have over used our farmland and the nutrients in an apple or turnip are not at the same level today that they were 50 years ago or 100 years ago. We are starting off with “weakened” foods and now with the advent of manufacturing and marketing we have shelves full of food products that promise to deliver but fail to feed us. I read articles from various sources that report the data.   (American Journal of Clinicial Nutrition, Journal of American Medical Association, Journal of Nutrition…)

Eating the same foods repeatedly leads to deficiencies and also allergies
Eating the same foods repeatedly leads to deficiencies and also allergies


I see many of my Fitness friends doing “Meal Prep” which usually involves something akin to baking a dozen or so chicken breasts, steaming a few bags of frozen broccoli and microwaving some sweet potatoes and/or brown rice and eating that repeatedly 2 and 3 times a day for weeks on end to “get results”.HOW can THAT bring sustainable results? How can THAT feed your body all the nutrients that your body needs?







What got my attention with Shakeology is the amount of WHOLE FOOD nutrition that they put in there, minimally processed, from far away places that still have great rich soil (fair trade practices), and all for a low glycemic balanced out 140-160 calories.

I can get excellent micronutrients and some of the richest vitamins and minerals and probiotics and adaptogens…with a calorie level that works on ANYONE’s overall meal plan.

I can remember going through a drive through fast food chain and getting one of their “meals” and snarfing the whole thing down in the car and still feeling like I wanted something more.  Ever feel like that?  Seriously?!  I just put about 1300 calories in my body and it decided that it wanted FOOD.  It wants FOOD.

I can drink a glass of Shakeology mixed with 8 ounces of water and honestly… within 10 – 15 minutes I can honestly feel my body relax and calm and carry on for hours. 140 calories of NUTRITION can make a difference.

fit all that nutrition in one glass
fit all that nutrition in one glass


Using the fast food example… I spent more than $6 to $8 on a “meal” that let my body want MORE…and it didn’t do anything good for my blood sugar levels, cholesetrol, gut bacteria, digestion, skin…  What could I give my body that would do all that for less money? HMM…

Using a healthy minded example… why WOULDN’T I want to put the premium fuel in my engine if I want my body to run well for decades?

Most of my friends could come up with $125 a month to feel good lose weight, to break the sugar/fat cravings, reduce internal inflammation, to be more alkaline, to lower cholesterol, to gain control over blood sugar problems, sleep better, have clearer skin, have better digestion and elimination (come on now…things have to move to get rid of toxins and being regular is a big deal.)

Shakeology does that… why not give it a try?  I have a way to get you a discounted rate too…  it helps grow my business and gets your body in the best shape of your life…  Talk to me and Lets get you started today!

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