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Why is this happening?

Don't let the world grind your hope/
Don’t let the world grind your hope.

So many things are happening that make us wonder Why is this happening to me? to us? to her?

Stuff seems so out of control.  Just when we get a plan in place and seem to be making progress…WHAM! out of the Blue..another test.

I was beginning to get worn down about it all and feeling my energy draining.  Im normally an optimistic, find the bright spot kinda gal but lately the cynicism and snark were making a show instead.

Standing in church this morning I could feel a bit of sunshine again breeze thru my soul. He is my Source and my Savior…and He alone gives me HOPE and JOY.   No one can steal that.  No one.

I will not let the world grind out my hope and my belief in joy and peace.

Things don’t go as they “should” and its often to make us more aware of our need for Him and to get our hearts back in line.

People often don’t do as they “should” and it really isn’t our responsibility to make them conform to our standards.  We can set our boundaries and limits and they, as adults, can figure it out as they need to…and we would hope it would be by leaning an ear toward God.

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