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Turning 54

It came and went… the 54th birthday.

This was the year my stepmother claimed it was her 56th and we all celebrated and somewhere along the time of eating the cake my sister’s husband did the math… She got instantly 2 years younger.  Haha.

That didnt happen here.

In fact…not much happened the day of my birthday. Hard to top a Disney trip last week and a beach getaway this week.  Roses, a candle and some yummy hand soap and lotion…very nice touch.

After church, I sat on the couch with my dog most of the afternoon followed by a dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

I decided I needed a party with little people so the next day I grabbed them from after school and brought them home to play for a few hours.  Music, toys…playing with the Alexa… BBQ pork chops and noodles and then the cupcakes that no one really wanted.


They loved the noisemaker horns though.


I gave a couple gifts to the boys and home they went.

My life is better because I’m a grandma. They bring life and energy and the insatiable curiosity that I love.



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