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Tired of procrastinating? me too! 3 Tips I use to build the Do it Now habit.

building new productive habits in place of procrastination

I’m so tired of my procrastination habit. I’ll do it later. I’ll get to it tomorrow. And then 6 months later that thing is still undone and that goal is still just a dream. I’m TIRED OF PROCRASTINATING!! are you?

53 years and I’m determined to bring order to my life again.

I am learning how to tack new “do it NOW” habits around some of my regular routine and making progress. For instance… some of my skincare routine has been slacking because I didn’t choose to spend that extra 5 or 10 minutes in the bathroom. My solution was to place my Alexa Echo Dot nearby so I can catch up on a podcast or a playlist while I do my routine and take care of overall master bathroom tidiness.

Another thing I have attempted to do is the quick answer in my thinking to the old patterned “I’ll do it later” response : “I am a person who does things now.” “I am a person who can make quick decisions on how to manage this situation”.

I have also incorporated a 20 minute policy to tasks that I find undesirable and ultimately would have been tossed into the DO IT LATER mental bin. I set a timer and do what I can for 20 minutes and make some progress that is usually enough to conquer the initial procrastination habit but also allow me the option to call it “progress” and leave it alone for another day.

HOW have YOU overcome a procrastination habit?
Does any of this help you or give you hope?

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