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Is gut health linked to brain health? yes..its very important.

The reason we suggest getting probiotics and a healthy diet is because studies like this one are proving that gut health is linked to brain function and health.

When your diet changes and you are adding more fresh foods and limiting sugar and artificial ingredients and adding Prebiotics and Probiotics along with fiber…like my daily helps EVERY THING work better.

Seriously!!  Feeling tired and crabby?  Feeling sluggish and slow?  Concentration is off?  Why not try something like Shakeology for 30 days and see if it changes your overall life like it has for so many?

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Is Beachbody Coaching real? Why I coach for Beachbody.

I get asked all the time about being a Beachbody Coach and if it really does work.

Yes. I am here to say that it is real and coaching is a fulfilling thing to do.

I signed on 3 years ago to get myself into a better healthy shape but I didn’t want to use products with questionable ingredients or artificial sweetners. I knew enough about nutrition to know what I was doing wasn’t enough and what I wanted to avoid.

I did my research and chose Shakeology on the basis of their quality of ingredients in Shakeology and the package deal that Shakeology had so much packed into it.  Vitamins, minerals, quality proteins and phytonutrients…Probiotics…Adaptogens…. NO PILLS…NO EXTRAS.

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Can I heat Shakeology? like hot chocolate?

I often get asked if it is okay to drink the daily  Shakeology warmed, like Hot Chocolate or add it to hot coffee like a nice Cafe Latte?

It is best served room temp or ice cold…not heated.  Heat will destroy some of the delicate enzymes and will distort some of the superfood qualities.  Some of my friends have forged ahead and tried it anyway and reported that it was highly disappointing.

I drink this daily and have for over 2 years….the whole family does.  We know it has the probiotics and pre-biotic enzymes that we need for our gut health.  If your gut isn’t healthy…you are not healthy.  Its made a world of difference to my husband and I and our health.  We are so active and involved that we depend on the health and energy provided by treating our bodies well.

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