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Can’t afford a personal trainer? No problem

I knew I wanted to get in shape. I joined a local gym.

Then I had to figure out what machine to use and how long…how much weight, how many reps?
Leg Day? Back and Bi’s? Over-training?  What about the nutrition part?

It was all so new and rather frightening….and I quit going.

A few months later, I recommitted and hired a personal trainer…but at 40 dollars a session a couple times a week…it hit the checkbook and budget hard.

Then I found Team Beachbody and their brand new Club Membership with the ON DEMAND streaming service!! WHAT WHAT??
I could choose from over $3,000 worth of programs that have helped millions of people shed body fat and gain the physique and muscle-tone they desired…for… UNDER $3 dollars a WEEK?
are you kidding me?
Your choice of personal training programs for less than $14 a MONTH?

Better YET… follow the link and get the first 30 days FOR FREE!!

First 30 days Free
First 30 days Free

Comment below and let me know so I can help you choose from the Member Library and help you get the results you are looking for…who knows? maybe you will lose those pesky 10 pounds in that first free month?