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Floating my way back to Happy. Letting go and taking control.

Sadness, Grief and introspection doesnt work well for me. It feels like someone else’s old sweatpants. It doesnt belong. Its hot and itchy and getting on my nerves.  Its time to take it off.

I’m 52, married 30 years and have raised 2 children… and I have seen some stuff. I have done some stuff. Life isn’t fair and its often surprisingly crappy.  I have always been able to pull out of it and carry on with my rainbows and butterflies view. Life was still worth hoping for and trying for. Glass half full and add some ice, please.

Lately…its like the hits keep coming. Like a storm at sea. Wave after ferocious wave and there isnt much time to catch my breath.

My FOCUS has been off.  My energy has been sucked into things I have zero control over.  Time to get back to the Happy Me plan. Time to let go of some things out of my control and taking control of what I can control. Read More

Must it always be a struggle? Can I change my mindset?

you can change it

No… It must not always be a struggle to change things.  It may not be easy, but it is possible to make the changes to become what you want.

So many of my clients have big enormous goals and when they don’t see big enormous progress within the first days or weeks, they feel defeated and give up. Does this sound familiar?  We try for a week or two and figure out that maybe we are different than those people who are successful.  Somehow we let ourselves believe we were meant to be unlucky, unhealthy, disorganized and discouraged.

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