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I need to lose 10 pounds…and keep it off

I need to lose 10 pounds.

…in 3 weeks…  Possible? sure!!  21 Day Fix can TOTALLY do that for you.

BUT>>> where will you be 2 months from now?  or 6 months?  Have those 10 came back with cousins?

We all want results from the diet or fitness routine we put all the effort into.

BUT…are we looking at just losing the weight for a party, a wedding..a reunion…OR are we looking at the long term picture of increased health and vitality and flexibility and strength and discipline?

Please…think long term.
Please think more than a smaller jean size.
Please Please think of sustainable results. Overall improvement in your doctor visits…the ability to run after your children and grandchildren in the yard…the ability to walk up a flight of stairs and smile…

Not everyone is going to keep their End of Challenge results. Life is going to continue and unless you keep that level of effort, the pounds will creep back and the old habits will manifest again.

Its okay if you bump back up a couple pounds IF you are keeping to a routine and about an 80% focus on your eating. Don’t stress that.
The bigger picture is about keeping your activity level up and your portions and food choices in check MOST of the time.

What is your focus?   Is it just the pants size OR is it your LIFE?

Let me know in the comments below..

Why is this happening?

Don't let the world grind your hope/
Don’t let the world grind your hope.

So many things are happening that make us wonder Why is this happening to me? to us? to her?

Stuff seems so out of control.  Just when we get a plan in place and seem to be making progress…WHAM! out of the Blue..another test.

I was beginning to get worn down about it all and feeling my energy draining.  Im normally an optimistic, find the bright spot kinda gal but lately the cynicism and snark were making a show instead.

Standing in church this morning I could feel a bit of sunshine again breeze thru my soul. He is my Source and my Savior…and He alone gives me HOPE and JOY.   No one can steal that.  No one.

I will not let the world grind out my hope and my belief in joy and peace.

Things don’t go as they “should” and its often to make us more aware of our need for Him and to get our hearts back in line.

People often don’t do as they “should” and it really isn’t our responsibility to make them conform to our standards.  We can set our boundaries and limits and they, as adults, can figure it out as they need to…and we would hope it would be by leaning an ear toward God.

You are responsible for your actions.

You have control over your actions. Perhaps not control over circumstances, but you can control how you act and react.

This was a big revelation to me.  Ordinarily it wouldn’t have been such a big deal, and it may not be a big deal to you; but I’m tellin’ ya…it was life-changing.   I was in the midst of some pretty scary moments in my life and bad news was overwhelming my ability to think clearly and rationally and I began acting poorly as a result of the mindset of victim and feeling trapped. Read More