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I’m Precision Nutrition certified now.

So many of us want things to change but we either don’t necessarily want to commit to the work of changing things or we don’t know what steps to take to get going.

What if you had someone to walk you thru the first 2 to 3 weeks to help guide you, hold you accountable and give you more ideas on how to take it to the next level and keep going?

WELL… you do!!
Yes…You have me.

As many of you know, our nutrition plays a major role in how we feel and function and I am excited to tell you that in addition to being able to recommend some of the best fitness products with Beachbody to help you get and keep results, I am now Precision Nutrition certified Level 1.

I am now able to help you pinpoint the necessary changes you can make and help guide you to make the best choices in the area of nutrition now.

BEST NEWS…. you can get on a great nutrition plan and it isn’t going to be all celery and dry chicken breasts or crazy diets like 12 egg whites and a bowl of cold tilapia.  There will be room for things you deem important and enjoyable in the plan.

Let me be your guide and coach for the next few months and see some long lasting results begin to happen. You owe this to yourself
Contact me..lets get started.

Is Beachbody Coaching real? Why I coach for Beachbody.

I get asked all the time about being a Beachbody Coach and if it really does work.

Yes. I am here to say that it is real and coaching is a fulfilling thing to do.

I signed on 3 years ago to get myself into a better healthy shape but I didn’t want to use products with questionable ingredients or artificial sweetners. I knew enough about nutrition to know what I was doing wasn’t enough and what I wanted to avoid.

I did my research and chose Shakeology on the basis of their quality of ingredients in Shakeology and the package deal that Shakeology had so much packed into it.  Vitamins, minerals, quality proteins and phytonutrients…Probiotics…Adaptogens…. NO PILLS…NO EXTRAS.

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