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I need to lose 10 pounds…and keep it off

I need to lose 10 pounds.

…in 3 weeks…  Possible? sure!!  21 Day Fix can TOTALLY do that for you.

BUT>>> where will you be 2 months from now?  or 6 months?  Have those 10 came back with cousins?

We all want results from the diet or fitness routine we put all the effort into.

BUT…are we looking at just losing the weight for a party, a wedding..a reunion…OR are we looking at the long term picture of increased health and vitality and flexibility and strength and discipline?

Please…think long term.
Please think more than a smaller jean size.
Please Please think of sustainable results. Overall improvement in your doctor visits…the ability to run after your children and grandchildren in the yard…the ability to walk up a flight of stairs and smile…

Not everyone is going to keep their End of Challenge results. Life is going to continue and unless you keep that level of effort, the pounds will creep back and the old habits will manifest again.

Its okay if you bump back up a couple pounds IF you are keeping to a routine and about an 80% focus on your eating. Don’t stress that.
The bigger picture is about keeping your activity level up and your portions and food choices in check MOST of the time.

What is your focus?   Is it just the pants size OR is it your LIFE?

Let me know in the comments below..

Fix it Up in October

Hi.. I would love to help you gain control again and quite possibly shed 10 lbs in the next 3 weeks!

This program has been such a game-changer for SO MANY people!!

Go here Jump in and join my November group. There is a 30 Day money back guarantee so…what do you have to lose?

If it doesnt show results in 3 weeks of working with me…send it back for a refund.

I have personally coached young women in their 20’s and more experienced women in their 40’s, 50’s and even some ladies in their 60’s!!  All of them have seen great results!!  10 pounds …40 pounds…60 pounds!!

21 Day Fix works for any age
21 Day Fix works for anyone

My group focuses on making it personal for you and getting you the perfect food plan and support you need to see the results. 21 Days!!

Its a great program to have and pull off the shelf again and again over the next months…years… to retrain yourself if you find the weight creeping back up. Often we start off great and slowly over time allow little treats here and there and then the portions become more generous and next thing you know; your jeans are too small!!  QUICK!!  Drop that extra in a balanced, easy to use system that doesnt involve daily calorie counting or tedious weighing of food.

Great explanatory Video here:

Getting it in the money saving Challenge Pack bundle includes the first month of the amazing superfood dense nutrition shake of your choice of flavor: Shakeology.

why does 21 Day Fix work ?

why does 21 Day Fix work ?


Reduce cravings, Detox, no artificial ingredients: just dense nutrition with a low glycemic count to help maintain blood sugar levels for hours.

What's in the 21Day Fix kit?
What’s in the 21Day Fix kit?

Ready to buy? DONT MISS OUT!! value sale price ends Oct 31

Go here and join my November group.

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