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Renewed focus on Prayer… Spiritual Fitness

This season of Lent has me pondering many things.  I have left quite a few things get over run by life and busy activity.

It’s been a while. I let life crowd out this time I spent with Jesus. The noise and responsibilities and focus overtook my time and energy until I noticed I wasn’t spending time thinking about God or talking to Him unless there was some 5 Alarm Emergency.
I know I’m not alone.

Tapping into and believing for “impossible things” becomes a WHOLE LOT EASIER when you realize we have God, who delights in meeting us in the middle of it all.

Our Thursday evening Life Group is reading and discussing a book on prayer and I have to say…its been the best thing ever. It’s been such a great encouragement to be drawn back into a focused and deliberate time of meditation, discussion and listening to HIS perspective and HIS desires for situations.
Magic Wand? no.
Automatic Genie in a Bottle? no.
But unexplainable assurance and peace in the middle of a stressful time?…yes. and that alone is worth carving out a few minutes a day to keep that connection going strong.

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