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Sometimes you just need to say NO to get more YES.

I’m learning to say No.

54 years of doing for everyone else.  This has been a year of saying No to overwork and over-involvement and under-serving my health.   This has also been a year of beginning to say YES to things that matter.

My long term health is requiring the shift.  Our long term marriage health is also begging us both to shift. More Yes to the Play…More YES to the Peace…more YES to connection and activity together.

Sadly, this weekend as we lolled in our pool for a few hours we considered that the most recent time we spent an afternoon just lolling by the pool was like ONE TIME…. LAST SUMMER.

This much change.   I was over committed and frantic.  I began missing deadlines and projects were left hanging. I was tired.  I was losing sleep and my health.  I began noticing changes in my thought patterns and decided ENOUGH.

I could say NO.

I could pull back.

I could delete unnecessary items from the long to-do list.

I could take the long to-do list at a more leisurely pace and simply add the next ideas to the list as I went along.

There are moments I can get teased back into thinking Im missing something from the hectic frantic focused life I had a year or two ago….but…i shift easier into the Now and the No.


Spending a morning at the pool with coffee and my dogs listening to a fascinating audiobook on “Why We Sleep; Unlocking the power of sleep and dreams” in order to help my brain and body become more balanced and healthy for the long haul…. delightful.


….and each dog enjoyed their moment beside me.



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