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Simple Basics get you going again.

Its mid February…  How many of us had high hopes of habit changes for the “new year” (again)?

Im finding the quiet resolve of just keeping things simple and focused is helping me be more on track than any other year.

Simple Basics.

No high energy hype or pep talks.   Just a girl with a planner and a guiding framework of things I wanted to accomplish and by focusing on just a couple things at a time I have made January and beginning of February successful.

This year one of the focus points was healthy habits;  getting good sleep, taking the daily vitamin packs I make, drinking extra water, drinking less alcohol, finding the time to read the Bible and think about it and follow through with my LifeGroup homework.

Another focus point was a more organized household; so far so good.  doing a remodel/refresh of the house

helped but it got rid of what feels like a thousand trips to donation sites and the recycling center but the spaces are less cluttered and there is “room to breathe” in each room of my house now.


Another focus point has been to monitor food and make better choices which is leading to a better energy and mindset toward workouts.   We haven’t succeeded to daily workouts but this body has been moving more and the jeans are starting to get loose again.  Praise God.


I have a few more weeks in February to hit “month 2” goals and begin focus on NEW goals.

2018…the year of simple basics resulting in a total makeover.


by the way….

Happy Valentines Day.

May you know the fullness of GOD’S AMAZING LOVE and MERCY and find Peace.




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