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Shakeology: Packet Sale!!


If you have ever been curious about Shakeology and wanted to give it a test drive without the “commitment”… I happen to have a few extra packets at my house.

Yes…I occasionally order some extra for when I travel or if I want to do one of these short term promotions, but DID YOU KNOW>>when you commit to a month’s worth you get a full 30 Day money back guarantee from the company?  Seriously, they are so serious that you will  notice the changes in your body and life in that timeframe that only in rare cases does someone actually take them up on that “empty bag” guarantee.

What is it about Shakeology that makes it special?

Oh! Let me count the ways!!  Like…all 70 superfoods that are in there.  Energy, but not the jittery, “climb-out-of-your-skin” type; a smooth gentle “hey, its 5 pm and I still have energy to face dinner and chores and kids homework session” type energy. Mood balancing; not sure what superfood is responsible for that but most people notice a calming, leveling out of their moods and ability to handle the stresses and surprises that life tosses at us.

Regularity and Digestive system support is one of the great reasons I drink it.  After suffering from IBS issues for decades, drinking this daily has helped with the inflammation and irritation and has given my body the pro-biotics and pre-biotics to help keep my gut bacteria working for me and not against me.   Gut bacteria are more responsible for the food choices you make than you would consider.  Ever wonder why you have such little willpower over sugars or breads, etc?  Rather simply stated: it’s  the demands of the “bad” gut bacteria that are telling the brain that they need that fuel.  When your “good” bacteria are in charge, you are more likely to make the better choices.

Ask me about it…Give it a try.  Head over to the 7 Day Sample Pack and give it a week.

Let it change the way you live.

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