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Must it always be a struggle? Can I change my mindset?

you can change it

No… It must not always be a struggle to change things.  It may not be easy, but it is possible to make the changes to become what you want.

So many of my clients have big enormous goals and when they don’t see big enormous progress within the first days or weeks, they feel defeated and give up. Does this sound familiar?  We try for a week or two and figure out that maybe we are different than those people who are successful.  Somehow we let ourselves believe we were meant to be unlucky, unhealthy, disorganized and discouraged.

What we often fail to see is that most of the success comes from a mindset that is open to change.

We want to change things without making any changes that have lasting effects and have no intentions of making those changes sustainable for the long term.

We will give up our desserts and our french fries for 2 weeks and begin an exercise program and see a mere 2 pounds go away.  We decide that all that huffing and puffing and effort should have given us a 10 pound “paycheck” and we resort back to the old habits.

We have our eyes on the wrong prize.

Instead of focus on the scale, what if we focused on how we FEEL?  After that exercise session, it is an amazing feeling of accomplishment and confidence.  You dragged yourself to it and pushed yourself thru it and now you congratulate yourself by taking notice of those feelings. Remembering those feelings makes it easier to “drag yourself” to the next session and the next…until you automatically check in and take part in the new habit of caring for the gift of life that you were given.

After folding your laundry and putting it away on Day 1, the momentum is there to begin tackling the mountain of dishes in that sink…or the piles of paperwork that are waiting for attention on your desk.  One decision to take control of your time and energy and work toward a more organized, balanced, healthy life leads to another decision.  Its all a choice and you CAN control that!

Once you change your mindset…you can change just about anything.

Instead of looking at having to revamp everything in your life all at once, what if you could break it down into smaller goals?  What about a plan to change 2 things a week?  That long list of things you want to change in your life and your home become more reasonably do-able and sustainable.  With 8-10 things changing a month and the momentum of the new energy and confidence…the year will pass and you will have incorporated over 100 new behaviors and habits.

Change IS possible…set your mind to it.


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