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When Life happens, go on living! Joyful and purposefully.

A moment of my real life.

We never really know what the future holds. We can dream and make plans and it all seems to be falling into place and then; life happens.  Sometimes those things are good things like a job promotion or a new baby…or a new puppy.  Sometimes those things are challenging things like a pink slip, or the loss of a parent..or miscarriage…or the crushing betrayal of a lover or friend.

My usual end of year/beginning of year is one of celebration and high energy.  This year was different on so many levels.

Watching one of my adult children grapple with the betrayal issue while trying to juggle everything a parent of multiple kids handles on a daily basis has left me feeling broken for her. Watching her struggle and gain momentum and strength only to have another wave of “life” hit has been hard.  I know she will rise stronger and more radiantly than before. I know she has everything in her to make it work, and she has good people in her corner to help her.  This has been one of my challenges the last few months and has distracted me a little from my time building my business and helping people.

Another life thing hit in mid-December.  As healthy as I have been for years, I have had a persistent virus that has left me challenged since prior to Christmas.  I have had the x-rays and CT scans done and strong antibiotics, days of resting on the couch…but this thing has clung tightly to me and just won’t let go.  I am finally seeing some improvement but being off my game for a month, I can tell my endurance level has suffered and I am easily winded.  Hopefully the doctor can suggest something to assist in the final stretches of this thing. I know that my fitness level and my Shakeology have helped me maintain this excellent level of health but sometimes a virus is a virus and has its way of working thru its course.

I have tried to maintain a positive perspective in all of this.  Even with this virus, I am still overall a healthy woman who has maintained focus on eating well and keeping up with many things with the family over the holidays. We had our international friend with us for a delightful week at Christmas.  My daughter, although sad and emotionally bruised, has skills and a good heart to keep going and caring for her children that will also help her be strong and carry on.

Life happens…but you MUST go on living.

Faith in things that are promised and seeing things as God sees things helps keep the momentum going here.

Is there something you would like to see me cover? A question you would like an answer to in regards to fitness or nutrition?  Ask me in the Comment Section and I will respond.

Life Happens...Go on Living!
Life Happens…Go on Living!

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