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Letting things go, getting transparent…and getting my life back

Its no secret…this past year has been a DOOZY!!  Daughter’s second divorce situation…Father’s decline, illness and unexpected (although he was 93) death…some mental health challenges and interpersonal relationship changes and lots of traveling to name a few things I’ve dealt with in the past year.  All kinda high stress deals.

While going thru the emotions of it, the focus on eating “clean” fell off and the entire workout idea was just “Intention not Action”.  NOT the best time for me to be coaching someone on healthy habits so…my side business and team fell away.   I miss them. I miss supporting them.

As I survey my life and sort through the emotions and what my life looks like now, I need to make some changes in what my actions look like.

For several years I have placed other peoples needs above my own and have given the other people in my family “first dibs” on my creativity and generosity.  Changing it up a bit.

There are piles and piles of ideas and notebooks and books that I purchased with high hopes of reading them.  The ideas are how to help people get healthy and avoid disease and live their lives fully.

THIS is still one of my priorities of course…but I need MORE TIME working on ME.

The last month and a half or so has been spent planning and working on creating calmer, less cluttered surroundings and getting my emotions under decent control.  Although my eating hasn’t been “clean”, it hasn’t been horrid either…just a bit too much of this and that and its given me the gift of an extra 10 pounds to carry.  Its time to remove the excess in my life.

HERE WE GO>>>  Getting Transparent….

The 15 pounds that I’d rather not carry…the clutter of my emotions…the clutter of my office space, attic…garage…

IT time to LET IT GO!!  (sing it with me)… I know,  I know… “Frozen” isn’t a “thing” like it was a year ago…but…it is time to let things go and  move forward.

When my emotions want to do their normal ruminating and obsessing and stressing over someone else’s situation I have to spend more energy now in stopping to evaluate it all.  Is it True?  Is it as bad as my nervous system tells me it is?  Is it really MY problem to solve?  Can I let it go and let God handle it?

Its been worth it.   Although… I will admit… I need to get better and being cheerful while I am doing the evaluating.  I guess I look like I’m not feeling well or that there is a crisis…. Its going faster this week than it was 2 months ago so at least there is that.

Things are going to look different… But I am putting more focus in getting back to studying on how to help people live a healthier life and avoid the “Lifestyle Diseases” that are killing us because we aren’t taking care of our bodies better.   The good news is we can do quite a bit of good by just simply paying attention.

It is going to take me a while to get all of it together but Im working on a better schedule and formulating a plan to the chaos and getting a rhythm again.

While I don’t NEED to do this for a “financial” reason….I DO need to do it because I have a need to share the wisdom gained.

Interested in learning something?  drop me a line

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