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It is not always what you think..

We often judge a book by its cover…. We see things and think we know ALL about it. We see problems in someone’s life and think we have all the answers to fix it.

Its not that simple.
People are complicated. Our histories and relationships often contribute to so many of the recordings in our heads that often contradict each other rendering positive action forward to be slow and arduous.

Most of us are doing the best we can.
Most of us are gearing up each day and facing the dragons and doing our best job at not letting them annihilate us.

To this…we need more celebration.

Your answers may fix the problem…but…the person WITH the problem has to perceive it as a problem, be willing to search for a solution, and find the solution that works for them.

Your job… Love them. Serve them. Ask what they need you to do to help them.

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