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Is gut health linked to brain health? yes..its very important.

The reason we suggest getting probiotics and a healthy diet is because studies like this one are proving that gut health is linked to brain function and health.

When your diet changes and you are adding more fresh foods and limiting sugar and artificial ingredients and adding Prebiotics and Probiotics along with fiber…like my daily helps EVERY THING work better.

Seriously!!  Feeling tired and crabby?  Feeling sluggish and slow?  Concentration is off?  Why not try something like Shakeology for 30 days and see if it changes your overall life like it has for so many?

Seriously!!  I’ve been drinking it for 3 years and recently decided to STOP DRINKING Shakeology for a couple weeks to test out the theory. Sure enough… cravings, tiredness, lack of focus, irritability …. it all came back.  “Give me those crackers!!”

My IBS flared up…joy oh joy… I couldn’t sleep well… My joints hurt again…All I wanted to eat was salty carbs and then the sweet.  My productivity went way down…  My overall optimistic mood was clouded and I was getting discouraged.Shakeology by the pool

THEN I REMEMBERED WHAT I WAS MISSING…right there on my counter!

Its been 4 days and Good GOLLY I’m feeling the love again. Not doing THIS experiment again!!

My husband deserves better.

My family deserves better.

I deserve better…and it was right there all along.

They call it Dense Nutrition for a reason… its got EVERYTHING that my body needs to run efficiently and nothing that my body doesn’t need.

SALE!!!  who doesn’t like a sale??

TRY IT… CLICK HERE to find my FB post 

Gut health is linked to brain health... Shakeology on sale here
Gut health is linked to brain health… Shakeology on sale here

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