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Is Beachbody Coaching real? Why I coach for Beachbody.

I get asked all the time about being a Beachbody Coach and if it really does work.

Yes. I am here to say that it is real and coaching is a fulfilling thing to do.

I signed on 3 years ago to get myself into a better healthy shape but I didn’t want to use products with questionable ingredients or artificial sweetners. I knew enough about nutrition to know what I was doing wasn’t enough and what I wanted to avoid.

I did my research and chose Shakeology on the basis of their quality of ingredients in Shakeology and the package deal that Shakeology had so much packed into it.  Vitamins, minerals, quality proteins and phytonutrients…Probiotics…Adaptogens…. NO PILLS…NO EXTRAS.

I have to admit that at first I was dragging my heels on the taste of it.  I was used to sugar and fats and artificial sweeteners and I wanted my shake to taste like a Blizzard from Dairy Queen or a McDonald’s vanilla shake.  Sadly..I had to admit my love affair with that junk needed to come to an end and I gave myself 2 weeks to either fall in love with Shakeology or move on.

It took me 4 days of trying to find ways to drink it and then I noticed something weird.  On Day 5, I noticed that I was craving it.  I wanted that Chocolate Shakeology drink; NOW.  And I noticed that about 20 minutes afterwards the complete calm “hum” of my body taking the nutrition from it.   I haven’t looked back.  Full speed ahead.  The whole family is on it.   Whether they drink it as a full meal replacement or they incorporate it into their meal…They appreciate the quality of nutrition gained from it.

We try to eat healthy on most days but this is real life and we don’t always stick to “the plan” and fall short.  I call Shakeology my “Nutritional Insurance” because even if fries or pizza or missed meals happen, I know my bases are covered and my body is fed well.

using the right supplements has changed my IBS and thyroid's control of my life
Using the right supplements has changed my IBS and thyroid’s control of my life

I struggle with  IBS issues and Hypothyroid issues.

The fiber and pre-biotics and probiotics have helped my IBS issues and the balanced energy and focus that I get help control the low thyroid issues I deal with.   I am happy to report that most of my “issues” are handled well and have been under control.





This team of people has brought so much positivity to my life
This team of people has brought so much positivity to my life

I began simply to get the best pricing with no intention of running a business and quite a few of my downline coaches simply order and drink their Shakeology and do their dvd programs or use Beachbody On Demand and are happy with the “discount coach” title.

Then I met some of the other people involved…learned a bit more…fell in love with helping people find THEIR solution and got them results.

Is it possible to make a full time salary with this?  Yes, I know several people personally that have made over a million dollars doing what I do.  I know several people who have quit their corporate careers and have retired their spouse on the income made by coaching.  I also know people who have not made much money at all.  They do not guarantee any level of success…but…it IS a legitimate way to earn some side money and could lead to something bigger. The big deal for me and my husband is… we are holding ourselves more accountable in our lifestyle goals of aging in a fully active and healthy way. And so should you.

If you want more information on anything I mentioned… please comment below and I would love to take 30 minutes to discuss how we can get you on a healthier path and perhaps earning some side cash.

Yes, Beachbody coaching is real. 

What’s holding you back from taking the step toward Healthy? Let’s talk!

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