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I love audiobooks! I’m always learning something.

I’m here at the beach and doing some painting. I LOVE the audiobooks because I can do things while I listen…although if it is intriguing I find that I also buy the paper or Kindle version so I can go back and see things in print.
Do you like audiobooks? Do you find you buy the print copy too?

This idea of change.

Most of my audiobooks are about self help or development of some facet of behavior…in order for me to learn so that I can help others.  I love helping others find better ways to solve their problems.  I’m a problem-s0lver by nature whether people listen to my advice or not; I come up with some pretty dang good ideas! ( haha)

I love them. I love learning. I’m such a sucker for research and proven things…..  I love it. My bookshelf and full Kindle e-book reader is testament to that.  On so many subjects!!

The downfall to learning how things work and how to make things better is…. it usually involves having to CHANGE THINGS.  I used to get all worked up because changing things meant admitting I was doing things “wrong”…new insight… I was just doing things in a DIFFERENT way and now I could do the things in a MORE EFFICIENT way.

Well…who wouldn’t like THAT?

This is my quest.  Get stuff done and doing it in a more efficient successful way…  are ya with me?

Hang on…cuz…its been a few years in the making..but GOOD STUFF is coming.

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