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Easy Lemon Flavored Oil recipe

How do I make a flavored oil? Infused oils are fun.

One of my new cooking finds is flavored oils!   DIY Infused oils are fun. They add either a hint of flavor or they can pack a punch depending on what you use and how much.

My newest standby oil is a citrus based oil that is delightful when drizzled on a fresh green salad, or  and last night I drizzled it across my Lemon, Rosemary & Capers Baked Salmon.

This week I used lemon but any citrus will work the same way to give a subtle different flavor.  Oranges are wonderful!  I have used lime and grapefruit and a combination of lemon and orange before.

How?  SIMPLE…  use a sharp knife or peeler (I used my julienne peeler) and remove ONLY the color portion of the citrus fruit.  (the white pithy part will make it bitter)

Drop the peeled zest into the oil and let sit for a day or so to meld and mellow.  Keep refrigerated for up to a week (Mine never last that long as I tend to make smaller batches)

I love what this Lemon Flavored infused oil does to a cool green salad!

Have you ever tried flavoring oils?

Red Pepper Chili flakes can spice up a good oil rub for beef…Fresh Garlic and Rosemary can do wonders for an Italian dish.

What have you tried?

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