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Getting Stuff Done

2016 has been a NEW Beginning for me in many ways. New Habits. New Lessons to be learned.

One of the things I wanted to focus on was getting rid of my “Do it Later” habit.  If something prompted me to take action, I was going to do my best to do it as soon as possible. GET STUFF DONE! 

Here we are in February and I have accomplished this in many ways.

I have simplified my life in some ways and demanded more of myself in others.  My To-Do lists have become prioritized and the top 3 important things get done and what doesnt classify as “emergent” can get pushed to a more reasonable date.

Life happens to throw me off course a lot.  This past 6 months has been a big lesson in rebounding after circumstances knocked me off course.  I have learned to step right back on the treadmill-of-life and keep going.

Do you make lists?  

I love lists!!   Lists of grocery items, Lists of home projects, Lists of things I need to do for others, Lists of ideas, Lists of people I need to contact…

I use the Reminders and Calendars with alerts and the Notes app on my phone to keep things at my fingertips no matter where I am.  I love my iPhone.  My husband is a paper calendar/To-Do-List person and he is one of the most disciplined successfully productive people I know.  Find what works for  you.

Multi-Tasker or Single Tasker?

As a young mom I found it virtually impossible to do one thing at a time. I was constantly trying to get EVERYTHING done at once.  I would never have been able to do anything of substance and kept my children alive if I didn’t multitask. But lately I have noticed that I don’t do both things as well as if I were just doing it one thing at a time. I’m not sure if its my age showing or if the studies I have read about the ineffectiveness of multitasking. I do know that my brain can’t toggle as quickly back and forth from task to task as before.  Now I try to focus fully on one thing, then move to the next.  I find that I am getting twice as much done. Although music during housework is a must, sometimes listening to podcasts can take too much focus away from what I am doing.

Set a Time Limit

I find that some tasks that are dreaded or unpleasant get done better if I set a time limit.  “Must be done by 4 pm” or “No later than Thursday noon” helps me prioritize.

Perfection or Good Enough? 

I used to delay doing a task because I would assess that I didn’t have enough time to do the job perfectly.  Perfection gets in the way of progress many times.  Some things…MOST things…are absolutely okay with “Good Enough” if they are just “DONE!”  Other things that really do need a greater attention on detail and done well need more time allotted and focus. I’m learning that I can do that.  I can do SOME things “good enough” and everyone is happy.

With my new focus on Getting Stuff Done and the habits that I listed above, I have been able to keep my home in better condition, meals more organized and healthy, laundry up to date and put away, and the seemingly endless paper piles controlled and filed.

Although there have been family crisis moments and a month and a half long viral respiratory thing… This is setting itself up as one of the best, organized and productive years yet.  I’m Getting Stuff Done…but its not overwhelming my life.

How are YOU doing in 2016?

Did you have any goals for better use of your time?  Getting Stuff Done…. Finding time to focus on your health… creating healthy meals for your family?  Keeping the housework under control?

Want to connect with me and get some more of my productive tips for healthy living?  I would love to help.


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