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What I like about the fitness tracker; Fitbit Charge 2

I had a Fitbit Charge HR and I loved it.  I loved it so much and I broke it. OH… the pain and heartbreak!! I love my fitness trackers.  I was so sad. It was just beyond the warranty stage but when I called them, they gave me a nice discount toward a new one.  WIN!!

I chose the new Charge 2 in the same plum color. I LOVE IT!!

They have apparently handled the charging issue where there was basically an open hole that dust and sweat and grime could enter…and they have made it so we can change the band colors. *see here


There are even the covers to decorate more!! I dont have to commit to the same thing daily for years.

I love the app and the details that it provides for me to track the trends of my steps, my fitness challenges and my sleep patterns.

I was tempted to get an Apple watch but I am happy I got this. It fills everything I need…and did I mention that I can get text messages on it?   WOW…in my attempt to make 2017 the year I leave my precious phone to lay unattended for longer spells while I go busy myself in real life, I can now see who texted me and choose whether it needs a quick action response or to allow it to hang until the next schedule phone-visit.  I dont have to respond to every “ding” or “chime” on my phone and still stay in touch with those that might be texting something vital and perhaps emergent. (there is not a capability of responding to texts…only receiving)

I do think I am getting this band soon for the upscale events I attend. Isn’t it beautiful? much classier than the sports watch look!  Follow the link to buy it.

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