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When you are exactly where you need to be…just be.

It really is a great thing knowing you really are EXACTLY where you need to be… wrinkles, scars, bruises and baggage made the trip worthwhile.
Everything that happens make you the overcomer and adds to the richness of life.

I wouldn’t be the same person I am now if some of the uncomfortable and scary moments hadn’t happened.  I certainly wouldn’t be the same person had I not had children…these particular children that made the decisions that they did. And then…there are those three little grandsons of mine that make my heart sing!!   They have made me even more dedicated to healthy balanced living.

I am blessed.
I am whole and healthy and although I have a few things that the doc watches and I need to be aware of and take care of, but overall: I am absolutely grateful for the life I have lived and am living.

Choosing to take control of my life and health was a big deal.

Will I do it perfectly?
I am not one to obsess about every single calorie or chemical or thing that might go wrong.

I try to avoid the bad for the most part but I will binge eat on a few things and suffer a minor setback or regret, but I chalk it up to life enjoyed.  I will include alcohol in my life but I know that it will not control my life because I don’t like how excess makes me feel.  I like donuts.  I like chips.  Although I am trying to limit dairy and am finding alternatives to milk, I still enjoy an vast array of cheeses.  Cookies? can’t have them in the house.

We all have levels of moderation and I know mine.
Its been a journey through learning and finding myself ready to change things.

I won’t be surprised to find myself in a few years being a vegetarian or a moderate vegetarian because as of now, I believe in so many of the aspects of health of it….its merely habits now that make me crave certain things.

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