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Day of Reckoning…never give up

Its the day that anyone who has ever done it, despises.   The Day of Reckoning.   The Day when you take the rose colored glasses off and really examine things.   Measuring tape and notepad..and the dreaded camera session. BEFORE PICTURES.

For me… THIS is that day. The numbers were a bit alarming and unsettling.  It’s not where I want to be because its not my best self showing up.  We got a new scale last night…and it was a wakeup call as it flashed its high-tech numbers of Bone Mass and Water percentage and BMI estimates and just to stick that little knife in further, it dared to tell me that it would take me 18 weeks to reach my “goal”.

    There are about 40 sets of “before pics” in my photo album.  I have maintained a certain level of awareness and of activity to keep it to a moderate displeasure of the Before pic, this time its different. There is a different feeling and I LIKE IT.

I have my work cut out here

        This time there seems to be more of a calm acceptance that the work

must be done and will be done.

    There can be no shortcuts.  The past two years I have been absent from fitness and had given in to the more indulgent side of things feeding the emotions. Feed the grief, Feed the fear…Feed the Joy…Feed the Relief…  Hiding a bit too long in the Cocktail hour indulgences with my husband.
    Today the blinders came off and a plan is in place.
    I earned this shirt a few years ago and I totally believe it; NEVER GIVE UP.
    We are never too old or too “far gone” to begin making changes today that will lead to better places…even if it takes 18 to 20 weeks, or 18 to 20 months.  As long as you are moving with what you have today into tomorrow…GO, confidently.

Need a buddy to go with?   I’m hiring!!

    I am a trained and certified NASM personal trainer, CPR certified, and a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach…and I am returning to my position as a Team Beachbody coach next week.
    I am a great listener and obviously… I do understand about life stresses and emotional eating, but I also know the way back out of this reckoning-worthy mess and the bright path to feeling my best.
    I would love to help you… Contact me!!
    It wasn’t THAT long ago that I looked like THIS. I’m heading there again… these past two years were great learning lessons about so many things.  Stronger…wiser…   Want to come with me?

heading back to radiant best health…join me?

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