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Changes coming in 2019

Wow. When i said I was going to go quiet on the page, I guess I meant it.
Life got overwhelming and challenging …like it does to many people.
I got way over-committed and stretched myself too thin.

As a result… my fitness and health took a backseat and there just wasn’t enough fuel in the tank or hours in the day to care. 2017 and 2018 were good in many ways and were necessary. As the end of 2018 neared, I began an inventory of the things that needed to change in my life.

Many things that had consumed me previously have quieted down or have been completed. 2019 is set and on track for the BIG Come Back of fitness and health.

I’m happy that I do keep a MOSTLY healthy approach to diet because nutrition is most of the game and with taking a year and a half off of exercise, I’m happy that I only have 20 pounds to remove. I laugh a little when I say ONLY 20 because that is the most I have ever gone over my “feel good ideal weight”.

It’s because of a MOSTLY healthy diet that it isn’t 50 pounds or MORE!! But now its time to tweak those bad habits and build the good ones back into the routine.

I have started witnessing others in my age bracket begin to have some pretty serious health issues and a few have some very very serious health emergencies..and sadly… a few have left us way too soon.

Wake up!!

While I know Who has my days numbered and I am safe within His Hands…. I firmly feel that I am responsible for how I am treating this gift of life.

2019… the PROJECT is; MaryAnn.
MaryAnn… healthier, balanced, organized, calm…. fitter and stronger and more flexible.

I will be more active on this page and hopefully help give information and tips that will inspire you to take steps to make your year healthier too.

If there is something you would like to see…Let me know.
If you have any questions… ASK.

I am now a NASM certified personal trainer and a certified Precision Nutrition coach.

I still rely on Team Beachbody programs and products because they work and they have done the testing and research and have made it very easy to use. Am I going to do something intense like Insanity? no. I am reconditioned and will start out at something challenging but less intense. I am working through a program called LIIFT4 that combines lifting weights with High Intensity Intervals for the cardio… four days a week.

It’s no longer about spending hours in the gym or living on celery…. that isn’t LIVING.

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