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I’m Precision Nutrition certified now.

So many of us want things to change but we either don’t necessarily want to commit to the work of changing things or we don’t know what steps to take to get going.

What if you had someone to walk you thru the first 2 to 3 weeks to help guide you, hold you accountable and give you more ideas on how to take it to the next level and keep going?

WELL… you do!!
Yes…You have me.

As many of you know, our nutrition plays a major role in how we feel and function and I am excited to tell you that in addition to being able to recommend some of the best fitness products with Beachbody to help you get and keep results, I am now Precision Nutrition certified Level 1.

I am now able to help you pinpoint the necessary changes you can make and help guide you to make the best choices in the area of nutrition now.

BEST NEWS…. you can get on a great nutrition plan and it isn’t going to be all celery and dry chicken breasts or crazy diets like 12 egg whites and a bowl of cold tilapia.  There will be room for things you deem important and enjoyable in the plan.

Let me be your guide and coach for the next few months and see some long lasting results begin to happen. You owe this to yourself
Contact me..lets get started.

Nutritional Coaching…what does that mean?

superhero cape

I am now a certified Nutritional Coach.  I studied and completed the coursework and submitted my final assignment today for Precision Nutrition’s certification program.

It was a very thorough course in the basics of how the body works and how food is processed by the body.  Highly scientific and referenced and probably one of the effective courses in helping fitness professionals help their clients understand how nutrition affects their fitness goals and gives the tools to help clients meet and keep those goals.

I’m very proud that I have stuck with this training and can now offer services to help my clients get the best results.


and…as a side benefit of this increased knowledge and public announcement is more accountability as I implement this into my lifestyle to live MY best life.

Must it always be a struggle? Can I change my mindset?

you can change it

No… It must not always be a struggle to change things.  It may not be easy, but it is possible to make the changes to become what you want.

So many of my clients have big enormous goals and when they don’t see big enormous progress within the first days or weeks, they feel defeated and give up. Does this sound familiar?  We try for a week or two and figure out that maybe we are different than those people who are successful.  Somehow we let ourselves believe we were meant to be unlucky, unhealthy, disorganized and discouraged.

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Is Beachbody Coaching real? Why I coach for Beachbody.

I get asked all the time about being a Beachbody Coach and if it really does work.

Yes. I am here to say that it is real and coaching is a fulfilling thing to do.

I signed on 3 years ago to get myself into a better healthy shape but I didn’t want to use products with questionable ingredients or artificial sweetners. I knew enough about nutrition to know what I was doing wasn’t enough and what I wanted to avoid.

I did my research and chose Shakeology on the basis of their quality of ingredients in Shakeology and the package deal that Shakeology had so much packed into it.  Vitamins, minerals, quality proteins and phytonutrients…Probiotics…Adaptogens…. NO PILLS…NO EXTRAS.

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Why is this happening?

Don't let the world grind your hope/
Don’t let the world grind your hope.

So many things are happening that make us wonder Why is this happening to me? to us? to her?

Stuff seems so out of control.  Just when we get a plan in place and seem to be making progress…WHAM! out of the Blue..another test.

I was beginning to get worn down about it all and feeling my energy draining.  Im normally an optimistic, find the bright spot kinda gal but lately the cynicism and snark were making a show instead.

Standing in church this morning I could feel a bit of sunshine again breeze thru my soul. He is my Source and my Savior…and He alone gives me HOPE and JOY.   No one can steal that.  No one.

I will not let the world grind out my hope and my belief in joy and peace.

Things don’t go as they “should” and its often to make us more aware of our need for Him and to get our hearts back in line.

People often don’t do as they “should” and it really isn’t our responsibility to make them conform to our standards.  We can set our boundaries and limits and they, as adults, can figure it out as they need to…and we would hope it would be by leaning an ear toward God.

You are responsible for your actions.

You have control over your actions. Perhaps not control over circumstances, but you can control how you act and react.

This was a big revelation to me.  Ordinarily it wouldn’t have been such a big deal, and it may not be a big deal to you; but I’m tellin’ ya…it was life-changing.   I was in the midst of some pretty scary moments in my life and bad news was overwhelming my ability to think clearly and rationally and I began acting poorly as a result of the mindset of victim and feeling trapped. Read More

When Life happens, go on living! Joyful and purposefully.

A moment of my real life.

We never really know what the future holds. We can dream and make plans and it all seems to be falling into place and then; life happens.  Sometimes those things are good things like a job promotion or a new baby…or a new puppy.  Sometimes those things are challenging things like a pink slip, or the loss of a parent..or miscarriage…or the crushing betrayal of a lover or friend.

My usual end of year/beginning of year is one of celebration and high energy.  This year was different on so many levels.

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Finishing and Beginning Strong. I’m in.

Hammer & Chisel uses Sagi and Autumn leading in their strengths and combining in a 60 day program that have got some impressive results in the test groups.
This 52 year old knows she needs MUSCLE along with her cardio (and Yoga/PiYo)
I’m in.
Finally I don’t have travel and much in the way of completing a full 60 Day program… ~~~With workouts ranging from 25 to 40 minutes … I can DO this!!
Its MY TIME to finish this year and begin 2016 STRONGER than ever.
watch me. …or join me.  See info here

Who said 52 year olds shouldn’t be strong, lean and sexy?



I’m not ALL fitness all the time….

Just so ya know… I live a very balanced life.

I love my workouts and healthy living lifestyle but I also deal with a few autoimmune things and have a full busy life with a house full of dogs and cats… a thriving marriage of 30 years …and 2 grown children and 3 beautiful grandsons.

I volunteer in the Guardian ad Litem program in our county to give a voice to the children in foster care and I volunteer at the local Animal Control to give the dogs a few minutes of loving and attention.

I live a very full life…and one I totally attribute to my focus on fitness and health.