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Always be open to learn…

You are never too old to learn. Be open. Stay open.
As confident as you are in your “rightness”, there is always the possibility that you are working with incorrect material and although it seems “right”, with a slight adjustment of information great gains in understanding can be made.

Its not always about being right.
Life is about learning to love…yourself, your family, others.

Hang in there… It all comes in moments.
Good stuff doesn’t last long…and thankfully, neither does the bad stuff.

There is the “collateral beauty” there if you look around as you lie face down in the arena. After you certain yourself that you did not actually die by the fall, look around…its there that you can see amazing things that will grow your compassion and appreciation for the small things.

Letting things go, getting transparent…and getting my life back

Its no secret…this past year has been a DOOZY!!  Daughter’s second divorce situation…Father’s decline, illness and unexpected (although he was 93) death…some mental health challenges and interpersonal relationship changes and lots of traveling to name a few things I’ve dealt with in the past year.  All kinda high stress deals.

While going thru the emotions of it, the focus on eating “clean” fell off and the entire workout idea was just “Intention not Action”.  NOT the best time for me to be coaching someone on healthy habits so…my side business and team fell away.   I miss them. I miss supporting them.

As I survey my life and sort through the emotions and what my life looks like now, I need to make some changes in what my actions look like.

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Renewed focus on Prayer… Spiritual Fitness

This season of Lent has me pondering many things.  I have left quite a few things get over run by life and busy activity.

It’s been a while. I let life crowd out this time I spent with Jesus. The noise and responsibilities and focus overtook my time and energy until I noticed I wasn’t spending time thinking about God or talking to Him unless there was some 5 Alarm Emergency.
I know I’m not alone.

Tapping into and believing for “impossible things” becomes a WHOLE LOT EASIER when you realize we have God, who delights in meeting us in the middle of it all.

Our Thursday evening Life Group is reading and discussing a book on prayer and I have to say…its been the best thing ever. It’s been such a great encouragement to be drawn back into a focused and deliberate time of meditation, discussion and listening to HIS perspective and HIS desires for situations.
Magic Wand? no.
Automatic Genie in a Bottle? no.
But unexplainable assurance and peace in the middle of a stressful time?…yes. and that alone is worth carving out a few minutes a day to keep that connection going strong.

Tired of procrastinating? me too! 3 Tips I use to build the Do it Now habit.

building new productive habits in place of procrastination

I’m so tired of my procrastination habit. I’ll do it later. I’ll get to it tomorrow. And then 6 months later that thing is still undone and that goal is still just a dream. I’m TIRED OF PROCRASTINATING!! are you?

53 years and I’m determined to bring order to my life again.

I am learning how to tack new “do it NOW” habits around some of my regular routine and making progress. For instance… some of my skincare routine has been slacking because I didn’t choose to spend that extra 5 or 10 minutes in the bathroom. My solution was to place my Alexa Echo Dot nearby so I can catch up on a podcast or a playlist while I do my routine and take care of overall master bathroom tidiness.

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There is no timeline for grief.

Loss is loss. There is no timeline for grief.

When its been 2 months… or 2 years…or 20 years after the loss of a loved one and the memory hits a spot that brings all the feelings back; let it.  That person was worth it. That person is worth a moment of remembrance and a breath of gratitude for God allowing them in your life.

Lately I have been trying to get back on track with a few endeavors and it seems more like my entire being has been telling me to slow it down and keep slowing down.  Enjoy the now. Enjoy the moment before me.

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Floating my way back to Happy. Letting go and taking control.

Sadness, Grief and introspection doesnt work well for me. It feels like someone else’s old sweatpants. It doesnt belong. Its hot and itchy and getting on my nerves.  Its time to take it off.

I’m 52, married 30 years and have raised 2 children… and I have seen some stuff. I have done some stuff. Life isn’t fair and its often surprisingly crappy.  I have always been able to pull out of it and carry on with my rainbows and butterflies view. Life was still worth hoping for and trying for. Glass half full and add some ice, please.

Lately…its like the hits keep coming. Like a storm at sea. Wave after ferocious wave and there isnt much time to catch my breath.

My FOCUS has been off.  My energy has been sucked into things I have zero control over.  Time to get back to the Happy Me plan. Time to let go of some things out of my control and taking control of what I can control. Read More

Let’s go All in for August and get things done.

Blink… what happened? where did the first SEVEN MONTHS of this year go already?

I am setting August aside to GETTING THINGS DONE.
I set a few goals way back there in January and had a few LIFE things happen and distractions and >>>its AUGUST and those things are still sitting there?

Do YOU have the same thing going on?
Lets join forces and hold each other accountable and GET THINGS DONE… ALL IN for AUGUST.

join me over in my new group…and maybe win a PRIZE…

This is going to be a great group to build new habits and… HEY>>> GET STUFF DONE

Come join us…

breaking thru the BS stories and getting things done
breaking thru the BS stories and getting things done

I need to lose 10 pounds…and keep it off

I need to lose 10 pounds.

…in 3 weeks…  Possible? sure!!  21 Day Fix can TOTALLY do that for you.

BUT>>> where will you be 2 months from now?  or 6 months?  Have those 10 came back with cousins?

We all want results from the diet or fitness routine we put all the effort into.

BUT…are we looking at just losing the weight for a party, a wedding..a reunion…OR are we looking at the long term picture of increased health and vitality and flexibility and strength and discipline?

Please…think long term.
Please think more than a smaller jean size.
Please Please think of sustainable results. Overall improvement in your doctor visits…the ability to run after your children and grandchildren in the yard…the ability to walk up a flight of stairs and smile…

Not everyone is going to keep their End of Challenge results. Life is going to continue and unless you keep that level of effort, the pounds will creep back and the old habits will manifest again.

Its okay if you bump back up a couple pounds IF you are keeping to a routine and about an 80% focus on your eating. Don’t stress that.
The bigger picture is about keeping your activity level up and your portions and food choices in check MOST of the time.

What is your focus?   Is it just the pants size OR is it your LIFE?

Let me know in the comments below..