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Go from Meh to Motivated

Do you find yourself lacking motivation?

You know you want to FEEL better…You know you want to DO better.

You want to have more energy and more control over your health and moods, but you dont know exactly where to start?

Stop the MEH…. Start living with focus and vitality.

I’m putting my small group together now to turn that MEH into YAY ALL DAY.

Who’s with me?  Lets DO THIS.

I purposely keep my groups fairly small to keep the One on One focus so you get your best results … don’t wait and miss out.  Talk to me today to find out more.

Day of Reckoning…never give up

Its the day that anyone who has ever done it, despises.   The Day of Reckoning.   The Day when you take the rose colored glasses off and really examine things.   Measuring tape and notepad..and the dreaded camera session. BEFORE PICTURES.

For me… THIS is that day. The numbers were a bit alarming and unsettling.  It’s not where I want to be because its not my best self showing up.  We got a new scale last night…and it was a wakeup call as it flashed its high-tech numbers of Bone Mass and Water percentage and BMI estimates and just to stick that little knife in further, it dared to tell me that it would take me 18 weeks to reach my “goal”.

    There are about 40 sets of “before pics” in my photo album.  I have maintained a certain level of awareness and of activity to keep it to a moderate displeasure of the Before pic, this time its different. There is a different feeling and I LIKE IT.

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So very thankful

I decided that this year I am going to do better at Self Care. I know lots of women who do well at this… I have not.

I pour and pour til my cup is dry… I’m learning that is not the healthiest way to go about things.

I have this amazing gift of life and one body to carry me through it. I better start acting like it.

At 55, I need to put what I know into action.

Changes coming in many areas…revisiting some others…strengthening the ones I’ve been doing.

Anyone else with me?

So thankful for what you have,  but want to DO better… because it’s Time for changing things?

Balanced, whole hearted brave changes for the best year ever!

Changes coming in 2019

Wow. When i said I was going to go quiet on the page, I guess I meant it.
Life got overwhelming and challenging …like it does to many people.
I got way over-committed and stretched myself too thin.

As a result… my fitness and health took a backseat and there just wasn’t enough fuel in the tank or hours in the day to care. 2017 and 2018 were good in many ways and were necessary. As the end of 2018 neared, I began an inventory of the things that needed to change in my life.

Many things that had consumed me previously have quieted down or have been completed. 2019 is set and on track for the BIG Come Back of fitness and health.

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Sometimes you just need to say NO to get more YES.

I’m learning to say No.

54 years of doing for everyone else.  This has been a year of saying No to overwork and over-involvement and under-serving my health.   This has also been a year of beginning to say YES to things that matter.

My long term health is requiring the shift.  Our long term marriage health is also begging us both to shift. More Yes to the Play…More YES to the Peace…more YES to connection and activity together.

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It is not always what you think..

We often judge a book by its cover…. We see things and think we know ALL about it. We see problems in someone’s life and think we have all the answers to fix it.

Its not that simple.
People are complicated. Our histories and relationships often contribute to so many of the recordings in our heads that often contradict each other rendering positive action forward to be slow and arduous.

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Simple Basics get you going again.

Its mid February…  How many of us had high hopes of habit changes for the “new year” (again)?

Im finding the quiet resolve of just keeping things simple and focused is helping me be more on track than any other year.

Simple Basics.

No high energy hype or pep talks.   Just a girl with a planner and a guiding framework of things I wanted to accomplish and by focusing on just a couple things at a time I have made January and beginning of February successful.

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Seasons come and go in life.

Be open to the possibility that nothing remains the same and that when your plans shift and change, its not necessarily a loss.

It is a lesson in this season for me.

I am digging out my “office space” after using it as a storage space for all those things I was going to do “later”

It kinda resembled a hoarders situation.  It was scary.

It was intimidating to say the least.

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