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Easy Lemon Flavored Oil recipe

How do I make a flavored oil? Infused oils are fun.

One of my new cooking finds is flavored oils!   DIY Infused oils are fun. They add either a hint of flavor or they can pack a punch depending on what you use and how much.

My newest standby oil is a citrus based oil that is delightful when drizzled on a fresh green salad, or  and last night I drizzled it across my Lemon, Rosemary & Capers Baked Salmon.

This week I used lemon but any citrus will work the same way to give a subtle different flavor.  Oranges are wonderful!  I have used lime and grapefruit and a combination of lemon and orange before.

How?  SIMPLE…  use a sharp knife or peeler (I used my julienne peeler) and remove ONLY the color portion of the citrus fruit.  (the white pithy part will make it bitter)

Drop the peeled zest into the oil and let sit for a day or so to meld and mellow.  Keep refrigerated for up to a week (Mine never last that long as I tend to make smaller batches)

I love what this Lemon Flavored infused oil does to a cool green salad!

Have you ever tried flavoring oils?

Red Pepper Chili flakes can spice up a good oil rub for beef…Fresh Garlic and Rosemary can do wonders for an Italian dish.

What have you tried?

Where did summer go? Make time for healthy habits.

HEY!!  we blinked and summer is almost over!!

Back to School pictures are flooding my newsfeed and the routine of the school year is beginning again.

Who else is breathing a sigh of relief and realizing that the summer treats and a margaritas at the pool caught up?   Guess WHAT!?  I can help you…and I promise that most of this won’t take longer than 30 minutes a day to get results in 30 to 60 days that you will be proud of. Make time for healthy habits.

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Greek yogurt and Hot Sauce…new favorite!!


Seriously…this was such an earth-shaking development in our house today.

Unless Im trying to fake my husband out of having sour cream, I have always paired plain greek yogurt with something fruity or sweet but tonite…it was Texas Pete hot sauce and a dash of Tajin spice.   OH MY WORD!!

It was like Buffalo Chicken…without the chicken!

  • 2 Tbsp Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Texas Pete added gradually to desired flavor level
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • dash of Tajin Mexican spice

You are welcome.

Do you have a favorite Greek Yogurt recipe that I should try?  I’m eager to explore my options.

Comment below or Find me on Facebook and lets talk YUMMY Healthy food ideas.


I’m Precision Nutrition certified now.

So many of us want things to change but we either don’t necessarily want to commit to the work of changing things or we don’t know what steps to take to get going.

What if you had someone to walk you thru the first 2 to 3 weeks to help guide you, hold you accountable and give you more ideas on how to take it to the next level and keep going?

WELL… you do!!
Yes…You have me.

As many of you know, our nutrition plays a major role in how we feel and function and I am excited to tell you that in addition to being able to recommend some of the best fitness products with Beachbody to help you get and keep results, I am now Precision Nutrition certified Level 1.

I am now able to help you pinpoint the necessary changes you can make and help guide you to make the best choices in the area of nutrition now.

BEST NEWS…. you can get on a great nutrition plan and it isn’t going to be all celery and dry chicken breasts or crazy diets like 12 egg whites and a bowl of cold tilapia.  There will be room for things you deem important and enjoyable in the plan.

Let me be your guide and coach for the next few months and see some long lasting results begin to happen. You owe this to yourself
Contact me..lets get started.

Nutritional Coaching…what does that mean?

superhero cape

I am now a certified Nutritional Coach.  I studied and completed the coursework and submitted my final assignment today for Precision Nutrition’s certification program.

It was a very thorough course in the basics of how the body works and how food is processed by the body.  Highly scientific and referenced and probably one of the effective courses in helping fitness professionals help their clients understand how nutrition affects their fitness goals and gives the tools to help clients meet and keep those goals.

I’m very proud that I have stuck with this training and can now offer services to help my clients get the best results.


and…as a side benefit of this increased knowledge and public announcement is more accountability as I implement this into my lifestyle to live MY best life.

Why should I drink Shakeology?

As I am studying for my Nutrition Certification I am learning and seeing so many things going poorly for so many people. Even people who care about what they eat and are trying to give their bodies a healthy advantage. I get asked all the time why I drink Shakeology and why its a big deal. And why I recommend to EVERYONE that they at least TRY it and see how it makes them feel over the course of a month or two.

In a nutshell, we are malnourished and its not getting better.
As a society, we are not feeding our bodies what they need. We have grocery stores and restaurants on every corner and have pantries and freezers full of foods but studies are showing that we are NOT getting what our bodies NEED from our diets.  We are shopping for quantity and not paying attention to quality. Read More

Delicious Pumpkin Bread done right. Low Carb, Low sugar, Low Sodium but high in taste.

It’s Fall… who ISN’T celebrating with Pumpkin something or other? Pumpkin Spice Lattes…Pumpkin ales…Pumpkin candles..

I was tempted early last week to get one of the seasonal breads while running thru the drive thru at Starbucks (for a somewhat boring but delightful Tall Pike’s Peak with low fat milk)

Lucky for me that they display the damage control numbers to remind my why I don’t make it a habit!!  WHOA!!  410 calories in a slice of pumpkin bread that I would have devoured before I hit the next red light?  Look at that SUGAR content too…and SODIUM…

Happy to look in my email and find that Team Beachbody went ahead and helped us out and gave us a HEALTHIER version to celebrate the season.


Today was my day to make it.

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