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Can I heat Shakeology? like hot chocolate?

I often get asked if it is okay to drink the daily  Shakeology warmed, like Hot Chocolate or add it to hot coffee like a nice Cafe Latte?

It is best served room temp or ice cold…not heated.  Heat will destroy some of the delicate enzymes and will distort some of the superfood qualities.  Some of my friends have forged ahead and tried it anyway and reported that it was highly disappointing.

I drink this daily and have for over 2 years….the whole family does.  We know it has the probiotics and pre-biotic enzymes that we need for our gut health.  If your gut isn’t healthy…you are not healthy.  Its made a world of difference to my husband and I and our health.  We are so active and involved that we depend on the health and energy provided by treating our bodies well.

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Shakeology: Packet Sale!!


If you have ever been curious about Shakeology and wanted to give it a test drive without the “commitment”… I happen to have a few extra packets at my house.

Yes…I occasionally order some extra for when I travel or if I want to do one of these short term promotions, but DID YOU KNOW>>when you commit to a month’s worth you get a full 30 Day money back guarantee from the company?  Seriously, they are so serious that you will  notice the changes in your body and life in that timeframe that only in rare cases does someone actually take them up on that “empty bag” guarantee.

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