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Let’s go All in for August and get things done.

Blink… what happened? where did the first SEVEN MONTHS of this year go already?

I am setting August aside to GETTING THINGS DONE.
I set a few goals way back there in January and had a few LIFE things happen and distractions and >>>its AUGUST and those things are still sitting there?

Do YOU have the same thing going on?
Lets join forces and hold each other accountable and GET THINGS DONE… ALL IN for AUGUST.

join me over in my new group…and maybe win a PRIZE…

This is going to be a great group to build new habits and… HEY>>> GET STUFF DONE

Come join us…

breaking thru the BS stories and getting things done
breaking thru the BS stories and getting things done

Is gut health linked to brain health? yes..its very important.

The reason we suggest getting probiotics and a healthy diet is because studies like this one are proving that gut health is linked to brain function and health.

When your diet changes and you are adding more fresh foods and limiting sugar and artificial ingredients and adding Prebiotics and Probiotics along with fiber…like my daily helps EVERY THING work better.

Seriously!!  Feeling tired and crabby?  Feeling sluggish and slow?  Concentration is off?  Why not try something like Shakeology for 30 days and see if it changes your overall life like it has for so many?

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I need to lose 10 pounds…and keep it off

I need to lose 10 pounds.

…in 3 weeks…  Possible? sure!!  21 Day Fix can TOTALLY do that for you.

BUT>>> where will you be 2 months from now?  or 6 months?  Have those 10 came back with cousins?

We all want results from the diet or fitness routine we put all the effort into.

BUT…are we looking at just losing the weight for a party, a wedding..a reunion…OR are we looking at the long term picture of increased health and vitality and flexibility and strength and discipline?

Please…think long term.
Please think more than a smaller jean size.
Please Please think of sustainable results. Overall improvement in your doctor visits…the ability to run after your children and grandchildren in the yard…the ability to walk up a flight of stairs and smile…

Not everyone is going to keep their End of Challenge results. Life is going to continue and unless you keep that level of effort, the pounds will creep back and the old habits will manifest again.

Its okay if you bump back up a couple pounds IF you are keeping to a routine and about an 80% focus on your eating. Don’t stress that.
The bigger picture is about keeping your activity level up and your portions and food choices in check MOST of the time.

What is your focus?   Is it just the pants size OR is it your LIFE?

Let me know in the comments below..

Nutritional Coaching…what does that mean?

superhero cape

I am now a certified Nutritional Coach.  I studied and completed the coursework and submitted my final assignment today for Precision Nutrition’s certification program.

It was a very thorough course in the basics of how the body works and how food is processed by the body.  Highly scientific and referenced and probably one of the effective courses in helping fitness professionals help their clients understand how nutrition affects their fitness goals and gives the tools to help clients meet and keep those goals.

I’m very proud that I have stuck with this training and can now offer services to help my clients get the best results.


and…as a side benefit of this increased knowledge and public announcement is more accountability as I implement this into my lifestyle to live MY best life.

Why should I drink Shakeology?

As I am studying for my Nutrition Certification I am learning and seeing so many things going poorly for so many people. Even people who care about what they eat and are trying to give their bodies a healthy advantage. I get asked all the time why I drink Shakeology and why its a big deal. And why I recommend to EVERYONE that they at least TRY it and see how it makes them feel over the course of a month or two.

In a nutshell, we are malnourished and its not getting better.
As a society, we are not feeding our bodies what they need. We have grocery stores and restaurants on every corner and have pantries and freezers full of foods but studies are showing that we are NOT getting what our bodies NEED from our diets.  We are shopping for quantity and not paying attention to quality. Read More

Does 21 Day Fix really work?

Does the 21 Day Fix program really work? Lets find out.
Does the 21 Day Fix program really work? Lets find out.

“I look at my before picture and cannot believe the changes!  I have never felt so good about my body and my confidence in decades…47 pounds off and I’m wearing clothes I didn’t think I would ever be able to.”

“My husband is noticing my confidence and happiness with myself…there are benefits that go beyond dress sizes that we are enjoying due to this new way of eating…if ya know what I mean. :-)”

Does the 21 Day Fix program really work? You tell me!

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When you are exactly where you need to be…just be.

It really is a great thing knowing you really are EXACTLY where you need to be… wrinkles, scars, bruises and baggage made the trip worthwhile.
Everything that happens make you the overcomer and adds to the richness of life.

I wouldn’t be the same person I am now if some of the uncomfortable and scary moments hadn’t happened.  I certainly wouldn’t be the same person had I not had children…these particular children that made the decisions that they did. And then…there are those three little grandsons of mine that make my heart sing!!   They have made me even more dedicated to healthy balanced living. Read More

Aging well and living vibrantly is my goal

Aging in this society has been one of evolving grace.  Accepting the inevitable changes that come with time but at the same time not accepting the status quo option of “letting things go” either.

Wrinkles and hot flashes…days of low energy or nights with interrupted sleep cycles…are all part of the game.

A sedentary lifestyle and a boring routine is the optional part that I am leaving out.  I know too much…see too much and have made the decision to do what I can with what I have been given to maintain my health levels.

This means learning the newer science of nutrition and health studies, learning the newer techniques for keeping the muscles strong and body flexible and the weight (body fat) under control.

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Always Challenge yourself

I am in awe of my Dad. He sets a precedent for me to keep learning and looking for new things.
He is turning 93 in a few weeks and I will be turning 52.

Reading books, 2 newspapers a day, doing crosswords, watching Discovery and History channels, keeping up with politics and sports (Go Steelers!)… He inspires me.  I hope as I age that I am able to keep my mind open to learning and exploring.  He loved travel and inspired that in my life.  New places, new experiences… Read More