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How to have a beach body after 50.

Its really quite easy… You can do it in two easy steps.

Have a body.

Take it to the beach.

See? It’s easy. It doesn’t require perfect abs or perfect hair or perfect teeth. It just takes some ownership and action. Just like anything else you’d like to accomplish or experience in life. We just tend to make it difficult and go all personal like everyone is looking at us…no one that really matters is. The ones that are closest to you are happy you are with them… everyone else there didn’t pay for the tickets to your arena so their opinions don’t bloody matter.

Be present and available to yourself and your family… show up.

Where is YOUR favorite beach? or… are you more of a Mountains person? I just need sunshine and water. Happy me…

Go from Meh to Motivated

Do you find yourself lacking motivation?

You know you want to FEEL better…You know you want to DO better.

You want to have more energy and more control over your health and moods, but you dont know exactly where to start?

Stop the MEH…. Start living with focus and vitality.

I’m putting my small group together now to turn that MEH into YAY ALL DAY.

Who’s with me?  Lets DO THIS.

I purposely keep my groups fairly small to keep the One on One focus so you get your best results … don’t wait and miss out.  Talk to me today to find out more.

Simple Basics get you going again.

Its mid February…  How many of us had high hopes of habit changes for the “new year” (again)?

Im finding the quiet resolve of just keeping things simple and focused is helping me be more on track than any other year.

Simple Basics.

No high energy hype or pep talks.   Just a girl with a planner and a guiding framework of things I wanted to accomplish and by focusing on just a couple things at a time I have made January and beginning of February successful.

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Knowing isn’t actually Doing.

This is my year of ACTION. So far so good.

I have been filling my head with all sorts of information and pushing to learn more.  What has been lacking is the actual implementation of the lessons learned.  Making time to DO the stuff and not just KNOW the stuff.

I’ve spent my “best years” raising the children/keeping the household going while my husband focused on career followed by parents needing assistance…and adult children that needed help. Grand kids… dogs…cats… a house filled with stuff and projects that have needed action…

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Re-evaluating everything

based upon some family occurrences and stress levels… I am re-evaluating my goals.

My first priority is to take care of ME.
My second priority is to take care of my SPOUSE.

the news we have received and dealt with in the past couple months has been sobering and requires attention.

I have to take a step back and realize my energies need to be focused differently.
Im still here…just taking care of some things here.

I urge you to do the same.
Time is limited and while it is fun and challenging to build an online presence…its useless if you are damaging or side-lining your real life presence.

no excuses.. no replays.
we aren’t promised tomorrow. hell..we aren’t even promised this afternoon.

Make your life and health a priority. Its not about size of jeans.

Renewed focus on Prayer… Spiritual Fitness

This season of Lent has me pondering many things.  I have left quite a few things get over run by life and busy activity.

It’s been a while. I let life crowd out this time I spent with Jesus. The noise and responsibilities and focus overtook my time and energy until I noticed I wasn’t spending time thinking about God or talking to Him unless there was some 5 Alarm Emergency.
I know I’m not alone.

Tapping into and believing for “impossible things” becomes a WHOLE LOT EASIER when you realize we have God, who delights in meeting us in the middle of it all.

Our Thursday evening Life Group is reading and discussing a book on prayer and I have to say…its been the best thing ever. It’s been such a great encouragement to be drawn back into a focused and deliberate time of meditation, discussion and listening to HIS perspective and HIS desires for situations.
Magic Wand? no.
Automatic Genie in a Bottle? no.
But unexplainable assurance and peace in the middle of a stressful time?…yes. and that alone is worth carving out a few minutes a day to keep that connection going strong.

Why are we so negative?

If there is anything I have learned over the past 6 or 7 months it has been the shortness of our lives and the amount of time most of us spend finding faults and wrongs and nursing the offenses that life throws our way.


We have no way of knowing what phone call is going to come in 5 minutes from now, or the letter that will arrive next week….or the diagnosis from the medical test that we’ve been putting off.

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Where did summer go? Make time for healthy habits.

HEY!!  we blinked and summer is almost over!!

Back to School pictures are flooding my newsfeed and the routine of the school year is beginning again.

Who else is breathing a sigh of relief and realizing that the summer treats and a margaritas at the pool caught up?   Guess WHAT!?  I can help you…and I promise that most of this won’t take longer than 30 minutes a day to get results in 30 to 60 days that you will be proud of. Make time for healthy habits.

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