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Can I heat Shakeology? like hot chocolate?

I often get asked if it is okay to drink the daily  Shakeology warmed, like Hot Chocolate or add it to hot coffee like a nice Cafe Latte?

It is best served room temp or ice cold…not heated.  Heat will destroy some of the delicate enzymes and will distort some of the superfood qualities.  Some of my friends have forged ahead and tried it anyway and reported that it was highly disappointing.

I drink this daily and have for over 2 years….the whole family does.  We know it has the probiotics and pre-biotic enzymes that we need for our gut health.  If your gut isn’t healthy…you are not healthy.  Its made a world of difference to my husband and I and our health.  We are so active and involved that we depend on the health and energy provided by treating our bodies well.

The GOOD NEWS is…you can add cold coffee to Chocolate to make a Mocha shake…or cold black tea to make a Vanilla Chai shake…

or…how about a Pumpkin Chai

pumpkin Chai

pssst…there is a new flavor coming in 2016…. Caffe Latte..using the whole coffee fruit which is keeping in line with the company’s ethics to fair trade and keep the ecological footprint smaller by using the parts of the coffee that are usually discarded in the coffee making process…and it doesnt contain the same caffeine levels but packs the taste.  Who is excited??  ME!!

Im still hoping they hear my wish for a Vegan Vanilla…but…with so many other variations… I will keep on drinking my daily dense nutrition shake guaranteeing that I get what I need on a daily basis.  Nutritional insurance.

Want more info?

Comment below and I can give you the answers you are looking for….or Go to the Shakeology tab at the top and visit the site with recipes and videos and a great blog with information on the ingredients.

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