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Always Challenge yourself

I am in awe of my Dad. He sets a precedent for me to keep learning and looking for new things.
He is turning 93 in a few weeks and I will be turning 52.

Reading books, 2 newspapers a day, doing crosswords, watching Discovery and History channels, keeping up with politics and sports (Go Steelers!)… He inspires me.  I hope as I age that I am able to keep my mind open to learning and exploring.  He loved travel and inspired that in my life.  New places, new experiences…

I am learning how to do this website thing and run an online business. It might be a little slow-going as I have a pretty full schedule and pack more love and life into my 24 hours than some do in a week.

I could be that geeky nerd who sits at the computer 20 hours a day if I’d let myself. I could totally immerse myself into online projects and disappear for weeks, if not months.

If you are reading this and have a suggestion…by all means: LET ME HAVE IT!!
What would you like more of?
What do you like so far?
Any changes I should make?
Was there anything of value added to your life here?

Comment below and give me ideas. Thank you.

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