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Who is MaryAnn

about MaryAnn

Hi there.

I am a (over) 50 year old inspired wife, mother, grandmother, community volunteer and advocate for healthy living.

I help people find more energy and joy in life by connecting them with products and ideas to help them reach their goals. For me, its not about being a size 4 or weighing a certain number on the scale. As I have gotten older, I know there are much deeper and more fulfilling reasons to pursue wellness and fitness and not everyone needs to be “skinny” or “competition ready”….but we all DO need to have a level of fitness to maintain health for the long run.

Building a home business based on fitness and health and leading a successful team in sharing with others has given me great joy these past few years.  By having a home based business I am free to set my own hours and be mobile enough to enjoy time traveling with my husband and family.

If you want to find out more about me come connect with me on Facebook here

Or…more on my business opportunity, you can go here